What to Do If Your Freezer Stops Cooling

What to Do If Your Freezer Stops Cooling

A melted tub of ice cream is just disappointing to look at, which just irks you like when you’re already anticipating refrigerator repair costs. When your fridge stops cooling, you might wonder if you could fix it yourself. Most of the time, a reparación de refrigeradores professional can repair it swiftly, but you can check it yourself first before calling a mechanic. Follow these tips:

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Inspect the vents and thermostat. If you have kids, there will be always curious little hands that might play with your fridge’s temperature dial. You can inspect if it’s set to a low temperature. If it’s set to the normal temperature, you can check the vent if there’s no blockage. Visit here Refrigeración NER

Check the coil if it’s blocked or dirty. Condenser coils need space to make the air flow freely. This is what makes your fridge cool. You can check if it needs a cleaning up or it’s blocked by a furniture, especially if it’s an old refrigerator.

Clean your condenser fan. Sometimes dust builds up on the back of the fridge which causes the airflow to stop, and causes a fridge to lose its coolness.