Carpet Restoration Services That Are Worth Your Money

Most homeowners in Melbourne have availed of at least one carpet cleaning service during their lifetime. Although most companies offering carpet cleaning services concentrate on cleaning and general maintenance, there are other advanced services worth knowing. For example, carpet restorations in Melbourne are not as common as they should be. Most homeowners don’t even know of this type of service until their provider recommends it.

Carpet Restorations in Melbourne

Carpet Restorations In A Nutshell

Carpet restoration takes cleaning and maintenance a step further. For the most part, all carpets are in need of maintenance to extend their lifespan. However, in time, even the most well-maintained carpets succumb to wear and tear. Most restoration jobs start out as cleaning jobs, where the homeowner contacts their provider for regular maintenance services. If a cleaning professional deems the carpet too damaged for regular maintenance, he suggests carpet restoration.

Restoration services in a way, gives carpets a second life. Although they would not look as good as the day you bought it, restoration results are always close enough. Most carpets in need of this service are those that have served their purpose for many years. Instead of retiring the carpet to the back of the closet or storage shed, some homeowners seek restoration services because the carpet holds a sentimental value for them.

Fire and Flood Services

Aside from long term wear and tear, carpets can also get severely damaged due to calamities, whether natural or man-made. Floods and fires, in particular, do the most damage to carpets. Homeowners in general tend to throw out carpets who succumb to these disasters. However, carpet restorations in Melbourne can still save the carpet, as long as the damage is not too extensive.

The success of carpet restoration, specifically in terms of fire damage, relies solely on the extend of the damage. If only a small part of the carpet has been damaged from the fire, it is possible to restore it. Flood damage is easier to salvage because at the very least, the fibers are still intact.

Color Repair

If the carpet experiences heavy daily foot traffic, like those in public buildings, colors might fade easily. This is also true for carpets made from delicate materials. Other causes for color fading include:

  • Bleaching
  • Sun fading
  • Pet stains and other discolorations

In general, carpet colors start to deteriorate after 10 years. This is the average lifespan of carpets in medium to high foot traffic areas, as well as those that get exposed to other factors like sunlight, stains and chemical cleaning agents. Restoration professionals can be called in to extend your carpet’s lifespan and bring back its vibrant colors.

Residue Accumulation

Even the act of cleaning your carpet can have a negative effect on it. While cleaning agents will definitely keep your carpets nice and clean in the short term, it can potentially damage its overall lifespan. Each time you use cleaning agents, residue sticks to the fibers in your carpet, no matter how well you rinse them out. Over time, the residue accumulates, resulting in color fading and fiber brittleness. Restoration services will do the necessary steps to remove the residue from your carpets to keep it in top condition.

Although there are more services related to carpet restorations, those mentioned above are the ones you’ll most likely need for your aging carpets. If you want to know more about carpet restorations in Melbourne, you can check