Budget-friendly hacks to update the look of your bathroom

Admit it, the latest bathroom design you saw on Pinterest had you drooling and dreaming. After all, who doesn’t want to have that sparkling bath and elegant-looking vanity? However, if you don’t have the budget for that costly makeover, not even the best salesman could convince you, unless it’s free. But who said renovating bathrooms Melbourne wide should all be pricey? Haven’t you heard of budget bathroom makeovers yet?


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Giving your bathroom a new look doesn’t necessarily mean flushing your funds down the toilet. If you prefer budget-friendly bathrooms Melbourne experts offer, take a look at these cost-effective hacks to transform your bathroom and make it look like new:


1. Keep existing plumbing right where it is.
If you want to save on cost, resist the urge to relocate essential utilities like your toilet or bathtub. You may be tempted to move your toilet to a different area or have your bathtub on the opposite corner. But, even just moving these two items can cost you a lot. By keeping your pipes right where they are, you can save big bucks that you would rather spend on more important renovation work.


2. Don’t replace. Update.


There’s no need to ditch your existing toilet and bath especially if they have no issues. Simply updating your toilet with a new toilet seat and lid will do wonders and can instantly give it a fresh look. You won’t only save on the new toilet cost, but you will also save on plumber fees.


If you have a small bathroom, talk to small bathroom renovations Melbourne professionals to help maximise the space of your bathroom.


3. Spruce it up with light fittings.


If you have a builder-grade bathroom and want to spruce things up a bit, adding lots of light will do the trick. This is actually one of the most practical facelifts that you can make without breaking the bank. Visit home improvement stores and watch out for their sale. Play around with various light fittings for that much-appreciated aesthetic appeal.


4. Shop at salvage yards.


There are a lot of precious finds you can get from salvage yards that are otherwise costly if you buy them from home depots. Be on alert whenever you visit antique stores, auctions, flea markets, and garage sales for unique finds that make your bathroom look expensive, without the costly price tag. You can score vintage finds like cast iron tubs and light fittings and may even find a sink that you’ll fall in love with. Anything that catches your attention and makes your heart skip double is worth buying at salvage yards.


5. Make it pop with a new shade.
A pop of colourful paint can do wonders to your dull and dry bathroom. Even just a coat of complementary paint colours is enough to make it look like it came from the pages of a magazine. A new paint colour can bring your bathroom to an entirely different dimension and give it a fresh and enticing look. Find inspirations from those coveted Pins and online magazines for the best paint colour that brings life to any bathrooms Melbourne has these days.


These are just a few tips to transform your bathroom in a budget-friendly way. With the right motivation and the right experts to complete your total bathroom renovations, your dream bathroom is already within reach. Simply hire trusted companies like MW Homes.