5 Roof Upgrades that Increase Home Value

Like gadgets, homes need upgrades too. It will not only benefit your health, it will also add value if you sell it. While curb appeal and exterior features in Australia’s homes are usually upgraded, the roof needs some loving too. If your area has a temperate climate, certain roof upgrades will suit it such as a sky light Melbourne stores sell these days.

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If you want your home to achieve turnkey status, here are some roof upgrades you can do:

Thermal mass

Thermally massive materials include concrete and mud brick. During the day, it will feel cool but it will absorb the heat which will radiate later in the evening.

Thermal mass absorbs and slows down the heat that enters a house. It will cool a house in summer and warm it during harsh winters. If installed properly, it will help you save on energy. This will be a home asset if you’re selling to energy cost-conscious clients.

Thermal mass absorbs heat very well and works in temperate climates like Australia’s southern region.


Skylights are openings that are made of plastic and glass that allow natural light to enter your homes. Natural lighting is a crucial element in habitable areas according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). They cut energy costs since they help with Daylighting, eliminating your need to use electricity for light during the day.

A sky light Melbourne has these days can either be a custom dome or access hatch. These are openings that are either galvanized iron or zinc-based. Usually, the sky light Melbourne stores sell these days comply with the Australian Standards.

There are other types of skylights that help with natural lighting. The Velux windows and roof windows Melbourne has these days even have motion-sensors. Once rain is detected, it will automatically close the opening.

Meanwhile, if you need shade, there are skylight covers available in Melbourne skylight stores.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles suit temperate climates. Melbourne roofs will benefit from their low cost, good fire resistance, and soundproofing ability.

Asphalt roofs are quieter than metal roofs when it rains. It lasts 15-30 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Soffit vents

Soffit vents in attics allow fresh air inside and prevent moisture from accumulating in the attic. Poor ventilating in the attic can cause your house to warm up in the summer. It’s always installed with other vents to help circulate the air.

Also, watch out for your bathroom vent pipes and where it lets out the air. Your attic’s roof sheets might be suffering because of moisture caused by improperly directed air by bathroom vent pipes.

Seamless rain gutters

Low-maintenance but quality features are one of the features of a turnkey home. Clients do not want unnecessary minor repairs. Seamless gutters help owners manage roof drainage because they minimize leaking. They don’t need painting because they’re made of baked enamel finish.

When getting upgrades for your roof, remember to consider the long-term effects. Prioritize durability but don’t dismiss aesthetic quality right away. For more details, check out this at http://customskylights.com.au