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Every Single Post on Feminist Blog Tagged “rape”

Posts on LOST, household repairs, ice cream apparently relate to violent sexual assault somehow.

6 Responses to “Every Single Post on Feminist Blog Tagged “rape””

  1. Aaron says:

    Er, silly question, but which blog? “Feminist blog” is a fairly sizable category.

  2. m Andrea says:

    Punk, I’m confused! :) What are you trying about every post tagged with rape at some blog?

  3. m Andrea says:

    “to say”

    I’m really confused now! lol

  4. violet says:

    It’s a mock Onion headline. No blog in particular.

  5. violet says:

    The joke is mocking: (1) the tendency for feminist blogs to associate everything, no matter how significant, trivial, or inane, to gendered violence, (2) the fundamental absurdity of a world in which such violence really does underly nearly everything, although I confess to uncertainty as to the oppressive qualities of ice cream.

  6. chris says:

    Maybe best he say 90%, not every.
    Good on ya for pointing it out.

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