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April F***s

Ah, good old April Fool’s day. The day that corporate entities across the planet strive to prove that they, too, have a sense of humor! Almost as if they were a real person.

Award for most disappointing April Fool’s prank goes to Wikipedia, whose shtick this year is that all of the links on the wacky front page go to real bona-fide articles. Taking primo spot as “Today’s Featured Article”? Why, Wife Selling, of course! Because nothing conveys good humor and lightness of spirit like a jaunt down memory lane, back to the days it was acceptable to parade one’s woman around the village square in a halter and then sell her for a few bob. All in good fun, and fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke, ha ha!

Award for best goes, naturally, to Fafblog.

3 Responses to “April F***s”

  1. Kyso K says:

    I actually liked the wife-selling article because it was careful to point out that while the husband actually had to do the selling, the wife was frequently willing if not the initiator, and of course it dwelt on how the practice was a substitute for the freakishly expensive divorce process.

    Of course, I didn’t examine the practice any farther than reading the wiki page, so maybe they dressed it up a bit. And the pitfalls of such a divorce process are pretty obvious. If nothing else, though, it does demonstrate that people will find creative solutions to their problems regardless of how you try to legislate them into “moral” behavior.

  2. Quin says:

    For me the issue wasn’t the article itself, so much as the presumption that wife selling is an inherently humorous concept fit to accompany wacky links like “A Japanese multimedia conglomerate investigates how some of its customers were accidentally sent back in time to the year 1999″ and “The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay evades authorities in St. Petersburg”. Plus, it didn’t help that the “Picture of the day” was of a fat girl– because fat girls are funny, and fat girls who think they are hot is doubly funny.

    On their own, I don’t find the article or the picture of the day problematic. On any other day of the year, I wouldn’t have thought twice. It’s just their intended use for humorous effect that I find questionable.

  3. Quin says:

    I actually wouldn’t have minded the “Get fat” girl, even on April 1st, except that it immediately followed the Wife Selling article.

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