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Just a little story

I recently purchased emergency contraception for someone else–fear not, she’s seventeen! So I didn’t contribute to the delinquency of a minor or anything. I bought it for her for three reasons: (1) she lives in a very small town with only one pharmacy, where everyone knows everyone else, and word would probably have gotten back to her parents that she’d bought it, (2) she doesn’t have a car to get to the nearest city to buy it in relative anonymity and (3) she didn’t at the moment have the $40 it costs–she would have in a week, but a week would have been too late.

It wasn’t as easy to actually buy it as I hoped, though–the pharmacy in our small town didn’t have it in stock, and neither did the first three pharmacies that I called in the nearest city. (They did have very disapproving pharmacists, though.) I struck gold in the fourth pharmacy I called, where the phone was answered by a young, cheerful-sounding female voice who informed me that yes indeed, they did have emergency contraception in stock and don’t forget your ID with your date of birth on it when you come to the store to pick it up! I made sure I didn’t forget my ID; I don’t quite look my age, but I don’t look seventeen either! but I wasn’t about to give anyone any excuse to deny me the ability to purchase the stuff after I drove all the way there to get it–time was of the essence in this case.

That was over a month ago, and I am happy to report that she isn’t pregnant. (Not as happy as she is, I can assure you, but still, I’m happy.) I would think that everyone would agree with me that it’s for the best that a seventeen-year-old high school senior shouldn’t get pregnant…but what I find interesting is, apparently there are a lot of people out there who, if she had been a sixteen-year-old high school junior, would have forcefully disagreed and insisted that she should get pregnant. Or a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore. Or a fourteen-year-old high school freshman. This is bizarre and inexplicable to me, given that I think that the more the age of the prospective mother drops, the less and less suited to motherhood both physically and psychologically (and economically, while we’re at it) she is. Apparently others disagree.

Oh well.

6 Responses to “Just a little story”

  1. Quin says:

    This dovetails incredibly nicely with Marc’s recent bunny video. Please tell me that you didn’t tell me that you didn’t know about it so I can pretend that you’re psychic.

  2. Quin says:

    Also, please tell me that you didn’t tell me that you didn’t know to tell me that tell me tell me tell me.

    Sorry, I really must be careful when I write before my morning coffee. Just to clarify, what I meant to say was “Please tell me that you didn’t know about [Marc's bunny video] so I can pretend that you’re psychic.”

  3. Lisa Kansas says:

    I didn’t know about Marc’s bunny video! what bunny video…?

  4. Jennifer says:

    Duh, it’s obvious; kids are punishment for sex. Of course some people prefer to call them blessings instead of punishment, but potato potato.

  5. Quin says:

    Did you click on the link in my first comment above yet? THAT bunny video!

  6. Thene says:

    What Jennifer said. Also, abortions cause you to go to hell, and it would be ever so cruel to consign a minor to hell. Not that raising a child while you still are a child yourself is at all hellish or anything, what are you talking about.

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