when the status quo frustrates.

…but Liberals are Eviler.

Apologies to Antigone. I need to preface this with the statement that I don’t mean this as pure malicious snark, and that I respect that she laid out her true feelings. But I can’t say I find much with which to agree with her. If she wants to start using hackle-raising words like “evil” about conservatives, that’s fine. But she’s being far too selective. Fact is, the case is compelling that liberals are even eviler than conservatives.

So which is worse? Those who support evil, but insist they believe it is good? Or those who support evil while claiming, at least some of the time, that they actually know it is evil? …in a psychological sense, I probably would have to say the Democrats (and certain of their apologists) are worse: to say you recognize evil to any extent at all, yet to fail to oppose it or, which is still more reprehensible, to act for its furtherance, consigns one to the lowest rung of Hell.

It’s fine to call out evil where we see it. But we should all take care to apply the word with equal rigor to whatever side we happen to identify with. In the vast majority of what Antigone just wrote, it would make perfect sense to apply the exact same arguments that she’s made about conservatives, to liberals. Even the parts about “respect for heirarchy”. Especially those parts. It seems almost willfully tribalistic to pretend that liberals aren’t equally to blame for all of the rotten fruits of American politics.

Liberals and Conservatives– at least the mainstream varieties of both– have got a good scam going. I don’t literally think it’s a willful scam, being overseen by a council of Illuminati or anything, so much as the natural systemic byproduct of America’s two party system. (Although I guess one never really knows.) But it might as well be one. It’s an ever-rightward moving ratchet, and we’re the ones who get squeezed by it. Well, us, and all those brown people all over the world* who our overseers** are exploiting/murdering in the process.

When the conservatives are in power, they’re all like, “All this stuff that makes rich and powerful interests richer and powerfuler just happens to be morally right, too”, while the liberals say “Boo! All these conservative ideas are morally wrong! If we were in power, we’d show them!”

Eventually enough voters get fed up and vote in the liberals. Then it’s the conservatives’ turn to say “Boo! All these liberal ideas are morally wrong!”, and the liberals are all like “All that stuff that makes rich and powerful interests richer and powerfuler are still wrong, except for 80% of it which is actually okay with us now that you mention it, but we can’t make too many changes right now because we need to win the next election so that we’ll REALLY be able to make a difference then, and besides, Stupak/Lieberman/Nader.” Eventually voters get fed up and vote in the conservatives. Ratchet squeezes us further right. Uncle Scam nods and smiles to himself.

Numbers-wise, when it comes to procedural politics, Liberals hold all the cards right now. They could do a lot of good. If they wanted to. Trouble is, they really just… don’t.

With the passage of the medical insurance industry welfare bill one thing was proven. The democratic party can pass legislation without the help from the republican party of which not one voted in favor of this legislation. The excuse has always been that without pandering to the far right nothing can be accomplished which is regarded by many as a realist view of American politics yet this supposed victory seems to disprove that assumption.

In other words if the democrats had chosen to do so they could have passed real health care reform legislation rather than welfare for the insurance industry. The democrats could end the wars in the Middle East but they choose not to do so. It’s not that the republicans force them, it’s what the democrats choose to do, to continue and expand the wars even as jobs evaporate and the U.S. slides ever deeper into another great depression.

Why the Democrats would choose this– and why Americans liberals nearly all wholeheartedly support them in it– is a question whose answer I will leave to the reader to decide.

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  1. Lisa Kansas says:

    I’m still trying to decide what I think “evil” truly means. I hope to get back to you and Antigone sometime this year or possibly decade.

  2. Antigone says:

    I think my definition of evil is something along the lines of “willfully causes harm, or is intentionally ignorant about the harm that something does and chooses the most harm over the least harm when you have to weigh difficulties.” Now, that only pushes the definition of it a little bit further back to the definition of “harm” which I can’t quite come up with an all-encompassing term.

    I don’t know if “Democrats” really count as “Liberal” either. They sure don’t using any metric of “liberal” I’m familiar with. But, otherwise, weirdly enough, I agree with your post. They aren’t living up to their values, or anywhere close.

    Not sure if “Eviler” is a word. :)

  3. Quin says:

    Hey, I used it, you knew what I meant, it’s a word.

    It’s true, I was conflating “liberal” with “Democrat”. They are not quite the same thing, but when it comes to the mainstream variety of either in America– which is what I was addressing, though maybe I should have pounded that point in a few more times so as to avoid any confusion– it’s a valid conflation. At this point I prefer not to call myself “progressive” or even “liberal”, but just “left”.

    Perhaps more later on the labels “Democrat”, “liberal”, and “progressive”. Except that I always find that conversation a bit of a yawn. I say just lump ‘em all in together and call them all evil, save us some trouble. ;-)

  4. Tree says:

    I think the pandering to the right done by the democrats is done for the Stupak-ish elements within their party; it’s not so much about getting republican votes. It’s still stupid, but at least it is not profoundly stupid.

  5. Quin says:

    In line with this comment that I left over on Antigone’s “Conservatives Are Evil” thread, I suppose I ought to state clearly for the record that I wrote this post as a direct response to the double standard I saw in that post. I don’t actually believe that Liberals– or Conservatives– or anyone– is intrinsically “evil”.

    I do think that they are, at least expressed through their political arms in the Democratic and Republican parties, pursuing quite a few evil policies. And I think that, by and large, the followers who support them justify these evils as right or necessary, whatever they may be.

    But people, evil? We’re all a little bit more complicated than that. Calling people evil seems a little bit too D&D for me.

    Although I just want to make it clear that my own alignment is Chaotic Good.

  6. Quin says:

    I take that back. On reflection, I’m probably Neutral Good who likes to think that he’s Chaotic Good because it’s sexier.

  7. Lisa Kansas says:

    Dungeons and Dragons nerd!

  8. Quin says:

    Well, not for seventeen years now, but guilty as charged.

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