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Conservatives are Evil

Health care reform has passed the House yesterday (as everyone in the blogosphere is talking about). I feel a little bit out side of this discussion, to tell you the honest truth. This is, functionally, what the Republicans advocated for in 1994. If the Republicans have advocated for it any time in the last two decades I neither see it as a great liberal victory nor the end of America as conservative see it. This is a band-aid over a bullet wound. Blood’s still seeping out through the edges, and you’re still going to die of blood loss, but it’s better than a kick to the head.

But the thing I’ve learned after this whole mess is to firmly, and irrevocably decide that conservatives are evil. It pains me to say this, because that means my friends, family, and coworkers are evil. But, if the word has any meaning at all, “evil” is what they are.

It is evil to advocate for people to die because they can’t afford health care. It is evil to say that money is more important than anyone’s life. AND it’s evil to advocate for shooting someone because they disagree with you (even if you think they’re evil, too).

Conservatives have absolutely no qualms calling me evil. And most liberals go with the “They just have different values” views of conservatives, or, alternately, that they’re just ill-informed. Well, let’s take a look at those “different values”.

According to the work of Jon Haidt conservatives have three “values” that liberals just don’t seem to have: purity, respect for authority, and loyalty to the ingroup. “Purity” is a nonsense value at best- a human isn’t “pure” anything. “Purity” is a great quality for metals, for water, and for air- for humans it edges is into mental health territories of the “precious bodily fluid” type. Real life is messy, trying to make everyone “pure” cuts out life. “Respect for authority” is a fuzzier, nicer way to say “Respect for hierarchy”. They don’t respect scientists in their field (people who arguably earned their respectability), they don’t respect political leaders when they’re the wrong party, they don’t respect anyone in a position of power that the determine to be illegitimate (just ask women CEOs). They also mean “respect” as “obedience”. I wouldn’t consider it respect to blindly do what someone tells you to do- I would call that insulting. What they do enjoy is the kyriarchy- white rich men on top, everyone else filtering through the bottom. Again, this is evil. This is causing harm and hardship to people over completely useless markers or markers they can’t help. Finally, their last value is “loyalty to the in-group”. This “value” is something that is at its best morally neutral (preferring the company of your friends to say, co-workers), and its worst, the evils of jingoism, racism, and pep-rallies.

These “values” have little sub-”values” tailing off them. “Purity” ends up meaning “anything I find icky is wrong” so it becomes “racism” (different foods and music are gross) “sexism” (women’s sexuality is scary and icky so let’s make sure they can’t get contraception or abortion) “heterocenterism” (butt sex is teh icky). “Respect for authority”‘s little sub-value is “gleefully ignorant”. They never have to look up anything because, hey, the right authority figure said so, and doing so makes you disobedient. In-group loyalty is obvious for the sexism, racism, heterocenterism, and religious prejudices, but then it also leads to nice little paranoias from everyone from agnostics to zoologists.

How could desire to cut out life, being against equality, ignorance, and paranoia be “good”? How could wanting to harm others, provided you don’t get harmed or even benefit, but a “good”? These values are wrong, and people who ascribe to them are acting in an evil fashion. And maybe it’s time that people actually started getting called on that.

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  1. Antigone says:

    Okay, ravenhairedmaid, I appreciate the links, I do.

    But I have a life, so here are cites that I’m not going to read: anything that says “opinion” in the section

    Anything by the American Thinker, PJ Media, or really, any other conservative website/ paper.

    I’ll answer legitimate sources. Otherwise, repeating people who’ve already established their agenda is pushing it.

    Finally, I never said that politicians don’t profit from being re-elected. I said their motivation WAS to be re-elected. And that means they actually have to give-a-shit as to what the voters want AND the government is still more transparent than any private enterprise.

    Am I concerned about government malfeasance? Of course I am. Do I think that democrats are shiny happy perfect people? No, of course not. But I do think that if your interest was purely in making money, you would go into business, and not politics.

    And yes, I do think that closing 700 spots will effect availability, and I would be fine in expanding the post office’s budget. But, we’re fighting up against people who think that the government should magically be able to provide services with no money. You get what you pay for, and considering the amount of money they get to work for, I know the post office does a damn good job. Again, the private market COULDN’T do the post offices job as well. FedEx will not send a letter from your house to someone else’s on the other side of the country for $0.44, and there sure as fuck not going to be a FedEx store or UPS in the towns where they’re closing the post office location (but, note, not the mail service).

    And, you’re sending links as to how much Obamacare is going to be (I’ll trust numbers once we already have them, and not the estimates until then. Either from the government or from the private marketplace- both tend to be poor estimators from my experience). But how much do we spend on health care in the US right now? How much does health care cost us when not even everyone in the US is getting it?

  2. ravenhairedmaid says:

    “The Daily Freeman published a pair of exposés on Friday that connects Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) to two projects that benefited from federal government spending …Hinchey and his business partners have had a string of “coincidental” successes thanks to Hinchey’s pork-barrel politics.”


  3. Antigone says:


    That was a useless post, as it both violated the “I’m not reading anything by conservative websites” and “opinion pieces” and showed a decided lack of reading comprehension to the post JUST previous to your last one; particularly the second full paragraph. But you are convincing me that I should put conservatives into the “stupid” pile, not evil, so there’s that.

  4. ravenhairedmaid says:

    You know it’s bad when even DailyKos is pointing out that govt is milking money and turning Americans into debt slaves:

    “The Democrats play “good cop” to the Republicans “bad cop”.
    The “bad cop” is supposed to oppose regulating the banksters. Yet for the last 30 years it was the Democratic Party that spearheaded the deregulation of the financial industry. Some of them are still top advisers in the Obama Administration. These are the guys who are supposed to re-regulate it?”


  5. ravenhairedmaid says:

    “And the owner of Rahm Emanuel’s conveniently rent-free DC apartment? A BP adviser.”


  6. Antigone says:

    Again, I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this- I don’t think the Democrats are saints. I don’t think that every politician goes into for wide-eyed idealism (though, there are a few I think do).

    You said that the government is turning us into debt slaves? Your own link is about how deregulation (you know, the “getting the government out of things and letting the free market take care of it”) FUCKED US OVER. BP is the other one- you get lax on enforcing regulation, you let corruption in and it doesn’t work. We have a whole freaking oily gulf as a testament to how well the free market cares about this shit.

  7. ravenhairedmaid says:

    “You said that the government is turning us into debt slaves?”
    Actually, that charge was leveled by DailyKos, not myself, which–hearkening back to your befuddled comment about reading comprehension issues, only serves to paint you as a hypocrite.
    Thanks! :)

  8. ravenhairedmaid says:

    So sorry that you guys were forced to read something that didn’t feed your freebasing kool-aid groupthink.
    I had this crazy notion that showing the truth of the dazzling toolship of government control over our lives and the rationing to follow was relevant to what you were talking about, when in fact you’re only seeking reinforcement of the fantasy.
    Clearly that’s just way too real for you.
    My bad.
    Ta! :)

  9. looncrusher says:

    You mean the BP that gave all that money to obama? The same obama who didn’t use his executive office to hurry dealings with the oil spill in federal waters, and in fact delayed them instead?
    Please explain how that’s the fault of the free market and not the bumbling federal government you can’t wait to give more money too.

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