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Peak Banana

I don’t like bananas, but even if I did, I wouldn’t eat them. United Fruit, the reason that we have the bananas that we have today, is basically the template for ruthless, evil corporations, pursuing unimaginable profits as the cost of human rights and the environment.

Within the next few decades, short of a scientific miracle, the bananas that we’re used to will cease to exist. That’s also United Fruit’s fault, incidentally. Check out Johann Hari’s fascinating article on the subject.

Is there a parable for our times in this odd milkshake of banana, blood and fungus? For a hundred years, a handful of corporations were given a gorgeous fruit, set free from regulation, and allowed to do what they wanted with it. What happened? They had one good entrepreneurial idea – and to squeeze every tiny drop of profit from it, they destroyed democracies, burned down rainforests, and ended up killing the fruit itself.

Anyway, it turns out that the banana-as-we-know-it is not so much the atheist’s nightmare:

…as it is a freakish creation of mankind’s greed and cruelty. Sorry, Kirk Cameron!

2 Responses to “Peak Banana”

  1. Lisa KS says:

    Bf’s comment: “Wow. God really fucked up on the apple, didn’t he?”


  2. june says:

    That “atheist’s nightmare” thing is so lulztastic. Uh, sorry Christian weirdos, but the banana is actually a perfect example of selective breeding–or EVOLUTION. Bananas as they existed before humans started tinkering with them were pretty much inedible.

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