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Videos for you

Here’s one, from the Canadian Union of Public Employees, that should put a smile on your face:

Of course, we here in Canada recognize this as satire. I’m not sure that it reads that way to Americans. What do you think?

Hat tip: Audra Williams

And here’s one that really won’t put a smile on your face: American soldiers in Iraq: Protecting you from terrorist puppies.

(Warning: animal cruelty.)

Hat tip: mercenarytoast

3 Responses to “Videos for you”

  1. Phin says:

    We here in “America” refer to the flat tax as the “fair tax.” (Chalk one up for right-wing phrase-mongers.) So this video is initially confusing just because we understand “fair taxes” to be regressive tax-the-poor, spoil-the-rich schemes.

    Once that confusion is sorted, I have no problem catching the satire. We’re in our second Bush recession by now, no thanks to the corporate welfare program of the last seven years or so. I don’t know anyone who would attempt to argue that cutting taxes for corporations results in an increase of wealth across the board with a straight face these days.

  2. Antigone says:

    I don’t know, some of my libertarian friends argue that with a straight face. One of them seems to thing that capital gains taxes are the most “regressive” taxes because they “tax you for being good and profitable”.

  3. Phin says:

    Antigone: Perhaps I should have clarified that I don’t know any stupid people.

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